Ah, the smell of grilled meat...

The greedy gazes of friends and family as they long to taste the results of your latest masterpiece. You are a genius. A trophy would be nice. Honestly, I think if they saw you working with a pair of these they might actually bow. Bear Paws. Not only useful, but they add that extra flair that, for just a moment, cause your hungry minions to avert their eyes from that delectable meat to the person who made it. Yes, this is exactly what you need for them to finally appreciate you for the culinary genius that you are. Showcase your greatness.

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Shred Meat

Customers claim they are shredding in half the time.  I can't say for sure, because I just brag about how cool they are until I have a couple of guys wanting to compete on who can shred the fastest.

Carve meat

Get a good grip on your cut of meat.  Cut with less mess in less time.

Lift large cuts of meat

Lifting a turkey, ham or roast is not nearly the clumsy mess it used to be.  I'm not joking, this is one of my favorite features.

Toss a salad

Seriously!  I know salad is the food that your food eats, but when Mom comes over you've got to have it on the table.  And with these, at least you can feel warrior-like when you do it.  Hey, get her a set too!  Tell her how the grip gives her more control and the width makes it faster.  She'll love how thoughtful you are...over a salad.  You're so clever.

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Other important facts:

-Made from FDA APPROVED & HEAT RESISTANT NYLON: BPA free and heat resistant up to 475° F, so you don't have to worry about it melting

-Top shelf Dishwasher Safe


Extremely high demand: Current average delivery time is 12-15 working days 

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